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National Trust Visitor's Passport

National Trust Visitor's Passport

National Trust Visitor's Passport

Reviews (16)

A National Trust Visitor's Passport in blue. A lovely way to record and remember treasured days out to special places.

Collect 30 stamps in your passport to receive a certificate.

Full instructions detailed in the passport.

Passport measures approx: 10cm W x 15cm H x 0.5cm.


UK Delivery: 3 - 5 working days - £4.95

International Delivery: 7 - 10 working days from £15

For more information please click here.

4 Average Rating 4/5 (16 reviews)
3 stars Should make a childrens version Written by

Only just purchased the passport, and it is a very nicely made little book. As others have mentioned its not very well executed. Firstly the book has multiple pages of 'bumpff'; details about how to become a member etc. Im guessing that the vast majority of people who buy the passport will already be members so this seems like wasted space; space that could be much more pleasantly used for a simple tick list of properties etc. Secondly, i brought the book to use with my son; and whilst he obviously will get enjoyment from the book and its a lovely journal of our adventures- it just seems a little too 'grown up'. Perhaps a childrens version would be good; even just a list of all the properties with a simple fun fact or a suggestion of something to find at each one that you could then get stamped. All in all nice idea, but could be much much better!!

5 stars a stamp of approval from me Written by

I love my Visitor's Passport - even though I'm an adult! I think whether you're young or old, it's a great way to make your visit to a National Trust location even more special and have a record of places you've visited. Once the 30 sections have been filled with stamps (to represent 30 completed visits), you can send off for a National Trust certificate to mark your achievement. Some venues have an ink stamp, some venues have an ink stamp and a paper stamp. You can buy paper stamps from National Trust if you want to ensure you always have both stamps in place to represent your visit. I love my Visitor's Passport!

5 stars Enjoying having a passport Written by

I'm enjoying my passport. For me it is a journal, so whether there is a stamp or not I will mark it accordingly for my own pleasure.

5 stars Great purchase Written by

I always loved collecting stamps when I was growing up and have just purchased a passport for my daughter. Looking forward to filling it with places visited! Product was over packaged when delivered, it was wrapped in loads of bubble wrap which was completely unnecessary and not very environmentally friendly!

5 stars Present Written by

This was purchased for a friends retirement. Passport was great a lovely momentous for future trips. Only gripe is the amount of monies it cost to have it delivered.

5 stars Lovely way of making memories Written by

We have had passports for about 10 years now and enjoy collecting the often beautifully crafted stamps. Our certificates are framed and hanging. I don't think it is a problem that not all places offer a stamp. In those cases I stick a photo in. The passport idea which was also executed at the Milan Expo 2015 is a fantastic way of keeping a diary or travel journal. It is just a shame that there are only blue ones now. I loved the red and especially the green passport.

5 stars Excited to see these are still about !! Written by

Had one of these 10 years+ ago when my children were both younger. Was really pleased when visiting a NT property the other day (the first for a few years) to see that they are still available. As it happens I found mine the other week when moving house, so will now continue to collect the stamps !! :)

5 stars A lovely idea Written by

My children each had one of these when they were growing up and enjoyed collecting the stamps - so now I have bought one for our grandson.

5 stars National trust passport Written by

Lovely little product!

3 stars good product Written by

Many years ago I wrote to the NT suggesting a 'passport' so that visitors could tick-off places visited. So on re-joining the NT a few weeks ago I was delighted to find this product available. It is great. The only confusion is, the instructions suggest I need to buy stamps to stick in which then get 'stamped' at each location, but today at Heelis I went for my first stamp and was told I don't need to buy the stamps to stick in and they 'stamped' it as it is without the need to buy stamps to stick in. This needs to be made a little clearer as I could have bought stamps unnecessarily - in fact the young chap who served me at Heelis did not know anything about stamps to buy to stick in. Bit confusing. so, like another reviewer I agree it is a good idea but needs better execution. I would certainly be disappointed if I discover that some properties do not have a stamp, as this invalidates the whole thing. In fact, in that event I will be asking for my money back to be honest. Either you operate this or you don't, but not half-done please.

4 stars Marvellous! Written by

I love getting a stamp at the properties I visit. And if the place doesn't have a stamp, I draw my own little design and date it so I have a full record of where I've been. I also include NT Scotland properties, some of them have stamps as well (i.e. Threave Gardens). The passport is also ideal for my mum who has dementia and she enjoys flicking through the passports to remind herself of the places she's been to and to start a discussion about them. I do agree with the other reviewer who says that the idea is poorly executed. I would love a list or a map of places with stamps to tick off. However, now I'm an old hand at this (!) I know that wherever there's a shop there should be a stamp, and sometimes you are able to get two stamps at one venue (Fountains Abbey and Studely Royal for instance or the NT shop beside Derwentwater which isn't actually at a property at all). I am interested to see what will happen by the time I send my fourth passport back to the NT since the blurb in the book asks only if the passport is the first, second or third one completed.... :D

4 stars Good book Written by

Nice little book to collect stamps

5 stars Such fun getting stamped! Written by

I've had my passport for a few months now and have enjoyed getting it stamped when visiting the beautiful National Trust sites, so have bought two as Christmas gifts for my sister-in-law and her husband who share the outings with me. I didn't realise they were aimed at children, it really doesn't matter to me. It will serve as a delightful memento of the places visited.

2 stars Scheme needs work..... Written by

The passport book is a fantastic idea and a lovely quality product.... but not all NT sites have a stamp and there is no list of "stamp carrying" sites. I emailed the NT and they advise that you are best to phone the venue before you go. With young children, who are easily disappointed.... there should be a way of helping parents manage expectations without them pre-phoning 30+ sites to check their stamp status. So nice idea. Poorly executed. Disappointed

5 stars Exciting way for kids to enjoy NT Written by
My son loves getting stamps!
4 stars Great for all ages Written by

My mum bought me the passport and membership for Christmas and although this passport is aimed at children I am having such fun with it. Most national trust properties have a lovely stamp and getting it in the passport is a great way of keeping track of all the beautiful places I have visited. I would recommend getting one. My only criticism is that not all national places have a stamp (eg gardens / hills / commons) so although I have now visited 32 places I only have a handful of official stamps.

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