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Pterodactyl Kite
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Pterodactyl Kite

Pterodactyl Kite5

Pterodactyl Kite...


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Current Reviews

Pterodactyl Kite

photo of Pterodactyl Kite
5 Average Rating 5/5 (6 reviews)
Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars Stunning kite Written by

I bought this kite for a friend, I know that he likes unusual flying objects and a kite that looks like a pterodactyl certainly fits the bill. I know that he was pleased to receive this, I look forward to seeing it in action soon. It is well made and should give much enjoyment.

Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars A spectacular kite. Highly recommended Written by

This is a stunning kite. It flies well, is easy to handle, but really, it's the outstanding, spectacular appearance that impresses anyone who sees it in action. I honestly would not have thought a kite for this price could look this good. It's a kite that is genuinely three dimensional and looks fabulous from every angle. It is a great gift for any kids (or kids-at-heart) who love dinosaurs, but I recommend buying two, so you can keep one for yourself. The makers of the kite unfortunately don't ship internationally (you can buy it on ebay and Amazon directly from the manufacturers if you're in the UK), but fortunately, the National Trust does. So, if you live outside the UK, this is the best place to order this spectacular kite.

Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars christmas present Written by

Spotted this kite at giants causeway in june, have a 9 yr old whose only xmas request was this! Have seen it in action and theres only one word I can use, AWESOME!! Seen others similar but nowhere near this quality !

Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars Jurassic Kites fly in California. Written by

I recommend this small kite as a worthy and affordable addition to any kiteflyer's bag. The National Trust is an excellent source for the kite. Their prompt service is commendable.

Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars Attractive and inexpensive kite from a responsible seller. Written by

This is simply the best looking small kite of its type. It flys well, The maker advises a long line launch rather than flying the kite out of hand, or running with it. Additional stability may be achieved by incorporating additional wingtip streamers, easily fashioned from a roll of inexpensive Surveyor's flagging tape. This can be found in home improvement stores.

Pterodactyl Kite 5 stars The best kite ever! Written by

This is simply the coolest and best kite ever. Well made and when in the sky it looks like you can see its body outline. I had ooh's and aah's from others in the park that commented how unique it was. And it got to me in California in less than a week !