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The Turtle Mat Company

The Turtle Mat Company

The Turtle Mat Company

The Turtle Mat Company was formed in 1994 when James Turtle discovered the ultimate doormat.  

With a background in home cleaning, James experienced first-hand the damage caused by walked-in dirt and moisture to floors and carpets. He was so amazed with the difference this absorbent cotton doormat made that he put his name to it and started selling Turtle Mats at country fairs.

The Turtle Mat was an immediate success and before long a mail-order business developed and retailers started to stock the product. Deciding to take things a little easier, James sold the business in 2004 to some friends who were keen and eager to move the business forward.

With its super absorbent cotton pile, Turtle Mats stop 95 per cent of wet, dirt and mud from entering the home, keeping Britain’s homes cleaner for longer. Turtle Mats are machine washable, come with a five-year guarantee and offer a wide range of styles and colourings to suit all interiors, whether modern or traditional.

For more information and to view the range please click here.

For each product sold a contribution is made to the National Trust to help look after and conserve special places for ever, for everyone.