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Sutton Hoo Guidebook

Sutton Hoo Guidebook

Sutton Hoo Guidebook

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Sutton Hoo is a great deal more than it first appears. After all, it first appears as little more than a series of mysterious mounds in the Suffolk landscape. However, thanks to the curiosity of landowner Mrs Edith Pretty and the patient diligence of her hired archaeologist Basil Brown, these mounds yielded the most significant Anglo-Saxon find ever discovered at that time. Having lain buried for over 1,300 years, the treasures of Sutton Hoo took many years to uncover and there’s little doubt that there’s yet more to be unearthed. The prominence and wealth of the ship-burial in one of the mounds mark it out as the final resting place of a member of Anglo-Saxon royalty. More significant still is the fact that it and its artefacts lay undisturbed by

the Tudor tomb raiders who did for many similar sites, providing modern-day archaeologists with invaluable knowledge about a period of history on the margin between myth, legend, and historical documentation. As fascinating as what was uncovered at Sutton Hoo are the stories surrounding the people involved in the discovery of this Anglo-Saxon burial ground, ensuring that this souvenir guidebook tells you as much about the way that people lived as the way they died.


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2 stars Sutton Hoo guidebook Written by

The book is attractively produced but is not as good as the previous edition since the author is not an archaeologist, and is prone to elementary mistakes. One example is her confusion between the whetstone and the iron standard where she attributes the famous figure of a stag to the standard rather than the whetstone. Had this been checked by any competent archaeologist prior to printing it would have been spotted. The emphasis on Mrs Pretty and Basil Brown is fair enough but the most important thing is the unique burial itself and its contents, which deserved more extensive treatment.

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