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Speedweeder Weeding Tool

Speedweeder Weeding Tool

Speed weeder measures approx: 19.5cm L x 5.5cm W (at widest point)

Reviews (15)

Small but invaluable garden tool that helps to hook weeds out. It's great in window boxes, pots, rockeries and also suitable for tidying paving. Light and easy to hold, the speedweeder is just what every gardener needs.

Speed weeder measures approx: 19.5cm L x 5.5cm W (at widest point)

Speed weeder measures approx: 19.5cm L x 5.5cm W (at widest point)


UK Delivery:3 - 5 working days - 4.95

International Delivery:7 - 10 working days from 15

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (15 reviews)
5 stars Wonder weeder Written by

A NT staff member suggested I buy one years ago. ‘You’ll not regret it’, she said. I didn’t, it is so adept at all types of weeding. Digging down to hook and lift dandelion roots, sliding under small weeds like an agile hoe. I was able to garden for ages and I have arthritis in my hands. The speed weeder does the work so I didnt have to hold the tool tightly, or put my back into it. Then my husband borrowed it. Gone! I think thrown out with the weeds. Misery as they were no longer available from NT or anywhere. I am so pleased to see them back albeit without the flattened tip. So, being a wise woman, I bought two. One for me to use and one to hide just incase he doesn’t read the Do Not Touch label on the one in use.

5 stars Excellent Written by

I bought 3 items all relating to weeding, the speedweeder, the razor hoe and the long handled paving brush, they arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. I am very pleased with all three items and would recommend them to friends and family.

5 stars Brilliant tool Written by

Excellent for weeding, I don't use anything else now. Better than the two pronged tools which are always getting stones stuck in them. The point on this goes down deep and pulls up the roots and gets between slabs and gravel more easily. This purchase is my second one so I have a spare because I wouldn't want to be without it if I lost one.

5 stars 5 star Written by

Armed with only a pair of secateurs and my speed weeder I can cope with my small town garden, patio pots , window boxes, paving and house plants. An essential part of any garden . It weeds without disturbing roots, easy to use and the perfect present for any gardening friend. .. But why do the National Trust shops no longer stock them for those who cannot access internet?

5 stars Speed weeder Written by

Best small tool ever. Along with a hand fork and secateurs all you need to weed a small garden or pots. Have given many as presents and friends always want to buy one for other friends. No longer available in my NT shop, had to go online, which not everyone of my generation has!

5 stars Great garden tool Written by

This is the best garden tool I have bought in a long time.Worth every penny. Buy one! It does what it says.

5 stars Great garden tool Written by

This is the best garden tool I have bought in a long time.Worth every penny. Buy one! It does what it says.

5 stars Satisfied Written by

The first speedweeder we owned has been worn out- weeding between driveway and paving slabs! What an efficient tool! Now we have a supply for the future...

5 stars Fantastic Speedweeder Written by

I bought my first Speedweeder at a Nationalo Trust shop in Cornwall a few years ago and since then have used it not just in pots but also in raised beds at the allotment. It's terrific at searching out long underground weed stems and roots. I bought another when I thought I'd lost the original, plus one for my sister, who loves it too!

5 stars Great simple tool Written by

Simple but well made, does a great job

5 stars Essential for any keen gardener Written by

This is such a great product, an essential for any keen gardener, makes weeding so much easier! Great product.

5 stars Excellent little garden tool Written by

This small and uninspiring tool is excellent for many garden weeding tasks and gets into places that a fork cannot.

5 stars Brrrrrrrilliant Written by
I bought this little tool for my Mum who is a gardener by trade.... she used it so much she wore it down. She swears by it.
5 stars A 'must have'! Written by
I was given one of these excellent little tools as a gift from a friend visiting a National Trust property. I would not wish to be without it now-it has so many uses! Invaluable for weeding between the paviours on my patio. The speed with which one can hook under weeds and clear a patch is surprising to say the least. A great idea for a small Christmas gift.
5 stars Retired US Gardener Written by

I bought the Speedweeder at a National Trust Property while visiting friends in England. I came out of the gift shop & proudly showed my "find" to my hostesses, who let me know that English gardeners consider them essential, they couldn't imagine my discovering something so practical & useful to take home. Back in the US, my arthritic hands weeded a large garden strip with only one stop for rest; my younger neighbors had weeded it for me previously. Once you've used it yourself, you'll want several on hand for gifts & thank yous; I can't imagine a gardner without one!

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