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National Trust Seedball Tins, Poppy

National Trust Seedball Tins, Poppy

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A National Trust branded tin of seed balls bursting with native common poppy seeds, great for bees and butterflies.

These seeds are easy to use as there is no planting required.

Simply scatter on to soil or compost and the pods do the rest.

The dried clay acts as a protective casing from common seed predators (such as ants, mice and birds). 

When sufficient rain permeates the clay, the seeds inside begin to germinate - helped along by the nutrients and minerals contained within the balls.

The chilli powder continues to deter predators while the seed ball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout. For best results, scatter in the autumn.

Flowers June-August.

Each tin contains 20 seed balls.

Each seed ball contains approximately 200 poppy seeds. Ideal for garden beds and planting pots.

As a guide at least twenty seed balls per square meter is recommended for a garden, or 3 - 5 seed balls for a small to medium sized pot.

All seed is responsibly sourced in the UK from Flora Locale accredited suppliers, we only ever use peat-free compost and the steel tins are manufactured in London (with the help of a solar farm on the factory roof).

Dimensions: 2 H x 6.5 Dia cm

Material: Seeds, Clay, Peat-free compost, Chilli powder and Tin


UK Delivery: 3 - 5 working days - £4.95

International Delivery: 7 - 10 working days from £15

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