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National Trust Potatoes

National Trust Potatoes

National Trust Potatoes

From their roots in 1924, E. Park and Sons Ltd has developed into one of the most technologically advanced and important companies in the food industry.

Founded as a smallholding growing and marketing potatoes to local shops, E. Park and Sons now function on a nationwide level, whilst still remaining a family business.

E. Park work in conjunction with Ward-Smithies Farms who manage a total of 600 acres split between Trehill Farm at Marloes, near Haverfordwest, which is rented from the National Trust, and Philbeach Farm three kilometres away.

Peter and Gina Smithie have been working with the Trust for many years. Their early potatoes recently won a Fine Farm Produce Award encouraging them to get involved with National Trust potatoes. Peter and Gina firmly believe in the National Trust brand and its important involvement in farming and food production and caring for the environment.

For more information please click here or call 01724 711222.

For each product sold a contribution is made to the National Trust to help look after and conserve special places for ever, for everyone.