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A Gardeners Latin Hardback Book

A Gardeners Latin Hardback Book

A Gardeners Latin
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An exquisitely illustrated, lively exploration of Latin plant names for gardeners.

Every gardener needs to know their Latin names. They may look confusing at first, but once you understand what certain key words mean, impenetrable-sounding and hard-to-pronounce species names are suddenly demystified. Many Latin names hide the secrets of where the plant is found, its colour, flowering times, leaf pattern, natural habitat and all sorts of other information that's extremely useful to the gardener: if you want a plant for a shady place, choose one with a name ending in sylvestris ('of woods'), while if your garden is dry, look out for the suffix epigeios ('of dry places').

The author Richard Bird has written nearly 30 books as well as magazine articles. He lectures widely on hardy perennials and alpine plants. He has sat on the main committees of the Hardy Plant Society and the Alpine Garden Society, as well as on the RHS Joint Rock Garden Plant Committee.

Format: Hardback

Page Extent: 139 pages

Book dimensions: 135mm x 205mm x 17mm

Format: Hardback

Page Extent: 139 pages

Book dimensions: 135mm x 205mm x 17mm


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5 Average Rating 5/5 (1 review)
5 stars A real discovery Written by

I try to do my Christmas shopping in NT shops and last December came across this remarkable book, which made an ideal present for my sister-in- law who is a keen gardener, but had always been puzzled by the Latin classification of plants and flowers. She was delighted with Richard Bird's very clear explanation of these mysterious Latin names, so much so that she asked me to order a further copy for her nephew who has just begun his horticultural studies.It is beautifully illustrated and for all of us a real discovery----not too technical, but highly informative and enlightening. It will certainly add to our enjoyment of gardening and visits to NT gardens in the future.

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