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War Game
War Game
War Game


A special lavishly illustrated WWI 100th Anniversary edition of Michael Foreman's classic story. It's 1914 when everything changes for a group of boys growing up and playing football in the Suffolk countryside. Far away, in a place called Sarajevo, an Archduke has been killed and a web of global events results in a call for all British men to do their duty 'for King and Country' and join the army to fight the Germans overseas. The boys sign up for what sounds like an adventure and a chance to see the world. After basic training the boys sail to France where they find themselves fighting on the front line. Living in the trenches in constant fear for their lives is nothing like they expected and only a bombed-out wasteland, no-man's-land, separates their trenches from those of their German enemies. Then, on Christmas Day, something remarkable happens as the German and British armies stop fighting and meet in the middle of no-man's-land. The enemies talk, play football and become friends. But the war isn't over, the two sides resume fighting and the group of Suffolk lads are ordered to charge across no-man's-land...

RRP: £9.99

Format: Hardback

Extent: 79 pages with colour illustrations and black & white images.

Book dimensions approx: 21.5cm H x 29.3cm W x 1.5cm D.

ISBN: 9781843651789

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