National Trust Biscuits

National Trust Biscuits

National Trust Biscuits

Rivermill have been helping companies establish their brands within the UK retail scene for nearly 10 years.

Started in 2002 Rivermill is now at the forefront of brand licensing for food. Rivermill develop products for retail and sell these to major retailers handling the entire process from conception of idea, development of product, through to gaining and maintaining sales in store.

We have over 500,000 acres of food producing land and more than 1,500 tenant farmers, and so finding a way to bring produce from our farms to the national market while at the same time pursuing sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices was a natural step.

We are therefore very happy to be working together with Rivermill to develop a range of food products based on these principles and using a collection of updated recipes once used in the working kitchens of some our best-loved historic houses for sale on the high street.

Our brief was a unique and challenging one:

  • The products must be excellent and be of a consistently high standard.
  • The range must be inspired by tradition, but have contemporary elements.
  • The ingredients and products should be based on recipes held by the National Trust in archives and yet be suitable for today’s discerning consumer.
  • The ingredients wherever possible should originate from the National Trust, however all ingredients wherever possible sourced from within the UK.
  • The ingredients must be farmed, grown or reared according to recognised standards such as LEAF Marque and Freedom Food.

We are extremely pleased to be working with Rivermill who have risen to the challenge and who understand the food industry in its entirety.

The retail range is steadily growing to include biscuits, bread, savoury pies and cake as Rivermill continue to help us develop a range of products suitable for both the National Trust brand and today’s retail climate.